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Waterlife Aquatics

Who We Are

Waterlife Aquatics Sdn Bhd is one of the leading aquatic companies based in Penang, West Malaysia with their core business specialising in breeding Discus. With 34 years of professional experience, they have been actively exporting ornamental fishes & aquarium accessories ranging from Discus, Tropical Fishes, Marine Fish, Driftwood and many more. 

Waterlife Aquatics Sdn Bhd started off with a breeding farm in 1988. Led by Master Breeder Dr. Jonathan Teh and his team of professionals, they have eventually evolved into an esteemed reputable company with two separate sites. A showroom with a build-up area of 8000 square feet and a hatchery with a size area of 20000 square feet. 

Also, they have been proudly awarded the prestigious MyGap certification by the Fishery Department of Malaysia due to their healthy quality fishes and strict guidelines. 

What We Do

Waterlife Aquatics has been actively involved in the aquaculture sector since 1988, starting off with Discus.

They have now diversified interests into a wide range of ornamental fishes and aquarium products including Tropical fishes, Marine Fishes, Driftwood & Mangrove Roots, Corals, Waterplants and many more. 

To ensure each shipment received is of the highest quality, a full assessment of quarantine and quality control (QC) required by the Fishery Department of Malaysia are completed before the fishes leave our premises. 

Today, Waterlife Aquatics has been shipping Discus and other ornamental fishes internationally to USA, Europe, China, Japan, Korea, Australia, Middle East and more. They are poised to continue their commitment to breed quality fishes and position themselves as one of the top aquatic companies. 

Waterlife Aquatics