How To Order

Orders can be placed by sending us an email to [email protected]

Please send us your Purchase Order stating the strain, size, quantity and price quoted. Minimum order is 3 boxes per shipment, or unless agreed

Order Confirmation

Upon receiving your order, we would send an Order Confirmation for your verification.

This is to ensure the order is up to your expectations (in terms of Strain, Quantity, Size and Pricing).

Mode of Payment

Advance payment by Telegraph Transfer (T.T) or Western Union Transfer.

Receiving the Shipment / DOA Claims

Once you have received the shipment, please refer to our Sales Term & Conditions for DOA claims. Photos and Documentation is required for DOA claims.

Discus must be acclimatized and transferred to a quarantine center as soon as possible to reduce stress. Please inform us once you have collected the discus and we will check with you for your feedback and the condition of the discus for the 1st week of arrival.

Note: The above information serves as guidelines only. We reserve the right to make changes when we deem it necessary.

Invoice & Payment

Please provide us with the information required below for us to send you our invoice:

  1. Buyer’s name and full address / Company name and full address
  2. Consignee’s telephone & fax number
  3. Name of destination airport
  4. Name of handling agent – if any

Once the order is ready, we will email our invoice to you stating

  1. Total number of the Discus order
  2. Shipping Charges (Freight)
  3. Packaging, Document Fees, All Other Fees

We will provide you with our banking information for money transfer into our bank account. Please send us an email with your bank’s money transfer confirmation.

Request a Price List

To receive our price list, provide us with the information, listed below, through email:

1. Whether you are:

  • Importer / Wholesaler
  • Re-seller / Shop / Online Store
  • Hobbyist / End User

2. Country you are residing in

3. Name of Airport (with airport code if possible) that you can receive the shipment

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